Monday, November 27, 2006

10 Ways To Find More Prospects (Part 9/10)

Getting Recommended (Part 9/10). Without doubt the single most effective way that I know to find new prospects and win new business is to be recommended. Being recommended by someone puts you in an extremely privileged position. Firstly you don’t need to sell yourself or your services as this has already been established and accepted. You simply need to conform to the picture of you and your capabilities that was painted by the person who recommended you. Then start a ‘diagnostic conversation’ to uncover the prospect’s problem(s). Get him/her talking about what is not going well, what is off track or is in some way causing him or her a problem. You are like a dentist “probing for PAIN”. The greater the PAIN the greater the size of the sale. No PAIN, no GAIN!
How do you get yourself recommended? Use every opportunity you get to talk about what’s in your BAG. What? Yes, whenever you meet someone you need to explain your Blessings, Achievements and Goals (BAG). For example: I am very lucky. I have several large clients right now who are keeping me extremely busy (B). I have just completed a very successful client installation of our new Mobile Business Messaging service that allows their field sales people to stay connected with the office when they are on the road. They really love automatic synchronization of email, automatic updates to meetings and changes to their agendas (A). Based on this success I now plan to introduce this solution at Group HQ. They have over 1,000 people who are travelling constantly. They could gain even bigger savings in time and increases in efficiency (G). So, show everyone your BAG and soon they will be recommending you to their associates, colleagues and friends. Good Luck and remember Always Be Prospecting.
Part 9/10 in French

Monday, November 20, 2006

10 Ways To Find More Prsopects (Part 8/10)

Leveraging Events (Part 8/10). A great way to meet new prospects is at events. Events ranging from school sports meetings to Corporate VIP hospitality events. Be there. Attend some local sporting events where you will meet other people with similar sporting interests or attend your kid’s school sports events where you will meet other parents and from there you can get to new prospects using “n+1” thinking together with asking for referrals.
Corporate VIP Hospitality Events. These types of events are a wonderful opportunity to invite those prospects that you cannot easily get to meet. This is often the case when you are trying to meet senior management, busy and difficult to reach people who hold ultimate decision making responsibility. The idea here is to make the event so appealing and the invitation so prestigious that prospects will do anything to be able to participate. Examples include the International Tennis Grand Slam. eg. Roland Garros or Wimbledon, the F1 Grand Prix, the UEFA Cup, or the Rugby World Cup. Now, be sure to invite as many VIP prospects and VIP customers as you possibly can. Existing customers can discuss their experience working with you and your company and give “spontaneous testimonials” to your invited VIP prospects. Give your prospects a VIP invitation to a high profile event and you will always be remembered. Even if they cannot make it or decline your invitation, you have set up reciprocity for later use. Good Luck and remember Always Be Prospecting.
Part 8/10 in French

Monday, November 13, 2006

10 Ways To Find More Prospects (Part 7/10)

Using Referrals. (Part 7/10). The best way to approach someone who you don’t yet know is via someone they already know. This is type of approach is known as a using a ‘referral’. A good referral gives you privileged access to an open minded audience. When you contact someone via a referral you automatically have the same trust and respect that the person who gave the referral has. Make the most of this when describing your proposition or presenting your idea. Your success in sales is directly tied to the number and quality of referrals that you can generate.
How do you get referrals? Simple, you ask for them. Everyone that you meet is ready and willing to give you referrals – if you only ask. How you ask determines the number and quality of referrals you get. Here is a simple example: At the end of your next client meeting ask: “Can you suggest 2-3 colleagues of yours that may have the same needs or concerns as you?” Then ask: “Can I mention your name and refer to our discussion when I contact them?” 1) Write down the name, title, company, phone number and email address for each referral. 2) Confirm that you are able to use your contact’s name and make reference to your discussion. Example: “Mr. Smith, I was given your name by Mary Jones at 123 Ltd., who suggested that I contact you. My company is working with Mary to reduce in-store shop lifting and she thought that you would be interested by the positive results she has obtained using our ABC anti-theft device in her 5 largest city stores.” With an opening introduction like this you will capture your prospect’s full and undivided attention and suddenly doors will be opened at all levels of your prospect’s organization. Good Luck and remember Always Be Prospecting.
Part 7/10 in French

Monday, November 06, 2006

10 Ways To Find More Prospects (Part 6/10)

Leverage the network of contacts and industry knowledge of Journalists (Part 6/10). Journalists are well connected and knowledgeable about a lot of things that are of interest to you and your business. They have a high level view on what is happening in your field and they always know a lot of important people. The sort of key people that you would like to know! Because Journalists speak to industry leaders, thought leaders in your sector, your competitors and even your customers you need to get close to them and make them part of your ‘virtual team’
Interview a Journalist. Yes, use deviant thinking and reverse the conventional roles. How? Invite a Journalist to participate on a conference panel that you are organizing. Ask them to present an industry overview or speak about future trends or challenges that your industry is facing. Why? 1) This gives you credibility because they are seen as an independent thought leader. 2) He/she will talk about you and your business to others afterwards.
Get them to talk about you and your business. Invite or sponsor a Journalist to moderate an industry seminar or a customer event. Or ask them to speak about customer’s problems and solutions that are available today. Or ask them to present a specific case study. You and your solution will be associated with the Journalist’s presentation and remarks. Good Luck and remember Always Be Prospecting.
Part 6/10 in French