Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Digging for Gold

Here I am "data mining" in a corporate group. The idea is to ensure that everyone in the audience is 1) awake and 2) on the same page. After each presentation I go into the audience digging for gold: Take Aways or Ahas! I randomly select someone from the audience to give me (and the group) their top 3 Take Aways or Aha's from the previous presentation or from earlier sessions in the program. As a general rule, this creates enormous fun for everyone except the person being questioned. BTW: The handsome individual immediately to the right of the person being question is Benoit Guinel.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Culture Clash. Getting US and French Corporate Cultures To Behave As One

Working the room at Genuity International's Sales Kick-Off at the Hilton Charles De Gaulle Airport Hotel in Paris, France. Great, action packed program.
What was significant here was the mixing of two very different and almost incompatible corporate cultures. One being highly command/control-centric and hierarchical and the other being very informal, open and individualistic or people-centric in its culture and decision making.
The single greatest outcome of this meeting was the integration of these two cultures through: 1) recognition, 2) understanding, 3) appreciation and 4) respect of each other's business culture and mode of operation. Success in today's global business environment comes in a large part through cultural diversity.

Sales Seminars & Sales Conference Event Planning

Here is the visual event plan of an up coming Sales Kick-Off that I am organising in January, 2006. Promises to be an exciting event. I will be MC and delivering a keynote entitled 10 Ways To Find More Prospects. Also I will be bringing to Europe one of the top US Sales Consulting "Gurus" as a Special Guest Speaker. He will deliver a keynote and lead several break-out sessions on Diagnostic Selling.
BTW: The software tool that I created this with is MindManager Pro 6. It's very powerful for brainstorming and planning, and easy to use. For more info go to www.mindjet.com.

How to Achieve Sustainable Performance in Sales

At the end of the day Sales Performance is only sustainable if you have a deep and well qualified prospect pipeline to draw on. So why do we all spend so little time and effort prospecting? Why doesn't cold calling work? How do you convert a cold call to a warm call to a lead? I have some ideas from life in sales that you might find interesting.....

MCing for BT Europe Sales Kick-Off, Vienna, Austria

This is me as Master of Ceremonies for BT Europe at their annual Sales Kick-Off Meeting in Vienna, Austria. Big Event, 350 people from all over Europe. As you can see, I was having some fun with the group. Can you read my Badge? "Perfect Master", which is a spiritually evolved "Master" of Ceremonies. Of course! Why do I feel the need to explain this?

Friday, December 16, 2005

10 Ways to Find More Prospects

Effective prospecting has got to be what separates the winners in sales from the rest. Effective Prospecting is the only way that I know of to achieve sustainable performance in sales. Nature gives us the basic rules but do we apply what we know? 'You can only reap what you sow'. So start sowing now. In fact, if I were you I would get a......'sowing machine' In sales a 'sowing machine' is what you will become if you apply a few simple ideas and execute them systematically and effectively. And this is the best way that I know to achieve consistent results in sales.

So what are the 10 ways to find more prospects?