Saturday, December 17, 2005

Culture Clash. Getting US and French Corporate Cultures To Behave As One

Working the room at Genuity International's Sales Kick-Off at the Hilton Charles De Gaulle Airport Hotel in Paris, France. Great, action packed program.
What was significant here was the mixing of two very different and almost incompatible corporate cultures. One being highly command/control-centric and hierarchical and the other being very informal, open and individualistic or people-centric in its culture and decision making.
The single greatest outcome of this meeting was the integration of these two cultures through: 1) recognition, 2) understanding, 3) appreciation and 4) respect of each other's business culture and mode of operation. Success in today's global business environment comes in a large part through cultural diversity.

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Antoine Songy said...

Hi David,
Congratulations on your accomplishments. Your enthusiasm and knowledge is already affecting many who have met you, and there will be many more.
All the best,