Friday, October 06, 2006

10 Ways To Find More Prospects (Part 2/10)

The Magic of Networking (Part 2/10). In fact prospecting is networking with a purpose. To be a successful networker you need to meet as many people as you can, have a clear objective in mind for each meeting and have an “n + 1” belief system. That is never expect to be talking to someone who is directly a prospect for your products or services, but be sure that person will know at least one person who is a potential prospect. And it is this person that you want to make contact with, meet and ultimately make a your proposal to.
How do I become good at networking? Firstly, I suggest that you join one or two networking groups such as business groups or business luncheons, eg. Lunch @ Circle, business clubs, associations, special interest groups, eg. Toastmasters International, School or University Alumni’s. Secondly, start a file of meeting participant and keep updating it regularly. Thirdly, make a conscientious effort to keep your network active by maintaining regular contact and expand it with new contacts. Find ways to add value to your contacts by thinking of ways that you can help them. ‘Give before you get’ is the mind-set for success in networking. Your effort will be rewarded generously over time. Finally, make it a habit. Good luck and remember, Always be Networking and you will Always Be Prospecting.
Part 2/10 in French

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