Sunday, October 15, 2006

10 Ways To Find More Prospects (Part 3/10)

Networking on the Web (Part3/10). Today we all have access to an extraordinary range of powerful web based tools to search out opportunities and prospects. You can use web search tools with laser precision to target new prospects. You can google your way to anyone. In addition you can search extremely effectively for example by searching Industry and Association Websites or Networking Websites, such as Linked-in, OpenBC, or Viaduc.
Maximise your chances of success. Recently I ran a search in Linked-in of all people in High Tech, based in Paris, and ordered them based on the number of people in their personal networks. My goal was to meet those individuals with the largest personal networks because they can introduce me to greatest number of their contacts (‘n+1 thinking’). Several weeks ago, on a flight from Stockholm to Paris I sat next to the French Country Manager of OpenBC, Yann Mauchamp. Yann is a professional and takes his business very seriously. He has over 3,500 people in his personal network of professional contacts. Now that’s the sort person that I want to know. With friends like this, being a prospecting machine has never been easier. Good Luck and remember Always Be Prospecting
Part 3/10 in French

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Yann said...

Hi David,

thank you. Networking is about meeting and interacting with great people like you.