Monday, October 30, 2006

10 Ways To Find More Prospects (Part 5/10)

Leverage Your Client’s Supply Chain (Part 5/10). The idea here is to prospect amongst your client’s customers, suppliers, partners or competitors. In other words, look for sales opportunities in your client’s “business eco-system”. Let me give you 3 simple examples of how you can do this.
Client’s Customers: Suppose that one of your customers supplies their services to the maritime shipping industry. Your company sells a software solution for Human Resource Management that is perfect for managing the crewing of large maritime fleets. Ask your client for an introduction to 3 of their largest maritime shipping customers.
Client’s Suppliers: Another one of your clients uses PCs from a major PC manufacturer. Your HR management system runs most economically and reliably on certain configurations of that hardware manufacturer’s machines. Ask your client for an introduction to that Hardware Vendor, then propose your solution to the Hardware Vendor’s channel partners as an turn-key solution to meet their customer’s HR Management needs.
Client’s Competitors: Your client’s competitors are also excellent targets for you to prospect. Often they have the same or similar business problems and you have firsthand experience of how your solution helps solve these problems. In addition to being an established supplier in their sector, you have a reference customer who is a respected competitor.
Navigate your client’s supply chain and you will uncover a gold mine of prospecting opportunities for your products and services. Good Luck and remember Always Be Prospecting.
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